Cod (Gadus Murhua)
Product Glazing Sizes Packaging

Cod loin skin-on/skin-off, with a pinch of salt pbo 10% and 20% 100/120
5 kg net
Cod loin supremo skin on with a pinch of salt PBI 20% 300/400 5 kg net
Cod loin extra skin on with a pinch of salt 20% 200/300 5 kg net
Cod loin skin on JUMBO 20% 500/up 3 o 5 kg net
Cod fillet PBI/pbo with a pinch of salt cp/sp 20% 500/1000
11 kg netos
Interleaved cod fillet FAS cp/sp  


Cod gutted with head on FAS      
Cod belly skin on 20%   7 kg net
Cod pieces cp/sp 10%   7 kg net

All our products are FIRST FROZEN, our raw material being 100% European, with the MSC Certificate.
In order to guarantee compliance with the strictest quality requirements, we are committed to production in Europe.
Our aim is to comply with the requirements and parameters set by our customers, with the highest quality guarantee.
Our products have the IFS Certificate.

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